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 إِنَّمَا أَشْكُو بَثِّي وَحُزْنِي إِلَى اللَّهِ
I only complain of my suffering and my grief to Allah. [Surah Yusuf, 86]

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If you check this website, you’ll see a booklet containing information on the condition of the people of Syria and a message from a man named Bassam that goes,

We are talking to the people of your country, not the government. The people. To see how we are living. The children of Syria are dying. Put yourselves in our shoes. we are humans. we respect humanity. we respect humans. 

We are talking to the citizens, to the people. How everyone, especially mothers, feel when their children sleep healthy and full of food, while our children are hungry or sick. How do you feel about that? The father when he goes to sleep feeling desperate because he cannot afford to feed his children, while the child in your country sleeps full. 

We are people. We are dying because of hunger. We are dying for lack of 
healthcare. Just empathise with us as humans. We have nothing to do with the war – we do not like war. We respect humanity in all the regions of the world. We are talking to you, asking you for help, as humans. No more. No less.”

If you’ve ever been in the position of being around an angry man, you’ll know there’s absolutely nothing more frightening. When they yell, it feels like the whole house is shaking and the way their menacing eyes pierce through you feels like they could just rip you to shreds if they wanted to.

I pray from the bottom of my heart that we’re all fortunate enough to only have men in our lives that would never dream of physically or sexually hurting anyone, let alone their wives, mothers, sisters, etc.

No Country For Women

"What Culture and Country are we proud of where mythical goddesses are worshiped but real women are killed on birth, molested, raped, burnt in the name of dowry, eve teased, beaten on streets and in homes. There is no basic respect for women in this patriarchal society. To add to this media plays a pivotal role in shaping the mindset and attitude of the Indian Society. This film is produced entirely out of Youtube content, comprising of Bollywood movie scenes, songs, reality television clips & news reports. No content has been modified other than the original footage, news reports and songs found on Youtube. It has been edited to question the sociological impact of the shallow content on the ethos of the masses and the state of women in the present Indian society."
A Transhuman Collective Presentation

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