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Is replying to a text really worth risking someone’s life over? Please stop texting and driving.


What are your Instagrams, guys?

You teach people how they’re allowed to treat you. If you don’t stick up for yourself the first, second, third time they treat you badly, they’re going to take advantage of it and walk all over you.

What are your Instagrams, guys?

x6tance LOL ohhh that was smoothhhhhhh

Trees are one of His (SWT) most beautiful creations, in my opinion. 🌳❤

While at taraweeh today, mum was standing beside me and I don’t know what happened but she sort of leaned and was about to fall but she held on to me and then continued praying. This prayer was legit the most stressful prayer of my life because even though I didn’t stop praying, the whole time I was just really focused on my mum to make sure she didn’t fall again because tbh I didn’t know what the heck was happening, if she was sick or dizzy or what and I was just really really worried.

Afterwards, she told me it was because she almost fell asleep.






sueeatart LMAO Areeba! I didn’t even have a chance to figure out if he was messed up or not, I didn’t even speak to him l o l o l o l

babe i mean.. like WE are messed to even think that “there” is “something” you feel me?!

You’re right lmao…but also I think it’s because whenever I tend to get any sort of feelings, I stop them right away like literally just go in the other direction and avoid them because no one has time for this “feelings” nonsense…but with him, I couldn’t avoid it at all because he was in my classes and he’d always be at the masjid, and even tho my uni’s campus is so big, i’d always end up seeing him around
Dumb when you get your hopes up for no reason tbh, lol.

Send him an invitation when you get married

And then write, “This could have been us” on the back of the invite.
parrrachutes Noooo! He…was…just…really amazing. I’ve never seen my mum roll her eyes before in my entire life until the day I told her about him. Apparently I’m really predictable in the type of men I go for :((((( She was so mean, lol
qalbii Don’t get my hopes up, girl :( Ngl, last year I was hoping something would happen that would cause us to speak but alas …it wasn’t meant to be I suppose :(